Pint Club - 6 Pint Pack

Rococo Ice Cream

Every three months, you'll get delicious curated Rococo Artisan Ice Cream flavors delivered straight to your door!  The next Pint Club theme: 

Heritage flavors from the Esta Kramer Collection of American Cookerya representation of vintage ice cream and dessert recipes spanning 1772- 1928

  1. Brahma Ice Cream  Cook and Confectioner  1854
  2. Independence Cake  American Cookery 1796
  3. Carrot Pudding  Fish Flesh Fowl  1884
  4. Potato or Lemon Cheesecake   Frugal Housewife  1772
  5. Chocolate Ice Cream with Marshmallow Mint Sauce  Famous Recipes for Baker’s Chocolate and Breakfast Cocoa  1928
  6. Mock Pistachio Ice Cream  Frozen Dainties  1897

$ 78.00