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  • Pint Club - 4 Pint Pack

    $ 58.00

    Every three months, you'll get delicious curated Rococo Artisan Ice Cream flavors delivered straight to your door! 

    The next Pint Club theme is: 

    Tea Collection

    • London Fog (Earl Grey & Vanilla)
    • Chai Cardamom
    • Thai Tea
    • Hibiscus Sorbet



  • Pint Club - 6 Pint Pack

    $ 78.00

    Every three months, you'll get delicious curated Rococo Artisan Ice Cream flavors delivered straight to your door! 

    The next Pint Club theme is TEA inspired ice cream!

    • London Fog (Earl Grey & Vanilla)
    • Chai Cardamon
    • Thai Tea
    • Hibiscus Sorbet
    • Matcha Ginger
    • Chamomile Chardonnay



        • Amarula Pecan

          $ 14.99

          A nutty and fruity essence from this South African inspired flavor.

        • Banana Red Hot

          $ 14.99
          A banana based ice cream made with Red Hot candies.
        • Chocolate Coconut Cream

          $ 14.99

          Rich milk chocolate blended with coconut cream and coconut flakes.

        • Cinnamon Caramel

          $ 14.99

          A decadent caramel ice cream spiced with a pinch of cinnamon.

        • Coffee Pow!

          $ 14.99

          Coffee ice cream with a “pow” of espresso!

        • Cuban Coffee

          $ 14.99
          A wonderfully blended mix of Cuban espresso and brown sugar to give a sweet molasses undertone to your coffee.
        • Dark Chocolate

          $ 14.99

          The darkest chocolate ice cream from 100% Dutch Blend Cocoa.

        • Earl Grey, Sour Cherry Jam & Pistachio

          $ 14.99

          A heavenly flavor steeped in earl grey tea with the crunch of pistachios and a tart sour cherry jam swirled throughout.

        • Goat Cheese Blackberry Chambord

          $ 14.99

          The sweet infusion of the classic french liqueur swirled into the mellow tanginess of goat cheese.

        • Hokey Pokey

          $ 14.99

          Generous chunks of chocolate-covered honeycomb toffee in maple ice cream is bound to get the whole family dancing.

        • Honey Vanilla

          $ 14.99

          Floral notes of vanilla gracefully tinted with Maine wildflower honey.

        • Lemon Pink Peppercorn

          $ 14.99

          Creamy with a little zestiness, this floral and peppery flavor is a signature Rococo masterpiece.

        • Maine Whoopie Pie

          $ 14.99

          Dense chocolatey morsels of whoopie pie cake in a sweet vanilla base. A family favorite!

        • Salty Sweet Cream

          $ 14.99

          Our signature sweet cream creation with a touch of mediterranean sea salt.

        • Speculoos and Pretzel

          $ 14.99

          Velvety Belgian cookie butter spread accentuated with bits of dark chocolate covered pretzels.



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