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    Every three months, you'll get delicious curated Rococo Artisan Ice Cream flavors delivered straight to your door! 

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      Every three months, you'll get delicious curated Rococo Artisan Ice Cream flavors delivered straight to your door! 

      The next Pint Club theme will be announced shortly.  

      Ships the week of December 16th!




            • Blueberry Chipotle

              $ 14.99

              The cool sweetness of Maine blueberries slowly leading into a smoky and snappy Chipotle finish.

            • Bourbon Praline

              $ 14.99
              A classic combination of creamy bourbon ice cream with sweet and salty praline coated pecans.
            • Chai Cardamon

              $ 14.99

              A fragrant mix of chai and cardamom blend into a spicy delight that will warm your soul.  

            • Chocolate Coconut Cream

              $ 14.99

              Rich milk chocolate blended with coconut cream and coconut flakes.

            • Cuban Coffee

              $ 14.99
              A wonderfully blended mix of Cuban espresso and brown sugar to give a sweet molasses undertone to your coffee.
            • Dark Chocolate

              $ 14.99

              The darkest chocolate ice cream from 100% Dutch Blend Cocoa.

            • El Jefe: Coconut, Hibiscus, Mezcal & Cocoa Nibs

              $ 14.99
              A  bold, show-stopper of a flavor. It shined in our Test Kitchen this summer.  A coconut and hibiscus sorbet with a smokey touch of mezcal and a crunch of cocoa nibs.
            • Goat Cheese, Honey, Whiskey & Figs

              $ 14.99

              Tangy goat cheese adorned with Maine honey, thick slices of fig and the smoothness of whiskey.

            • Honey Vanilla

              $ 14.99

              Floral notes of vanilla gracefully tinted with Maine wildflower honey.

            • Maine Whoopie Pie

              $ 14.99

              Dense chocolatey morsels of whoopie pie cake in a sweet vanilla base. A family favorite!

            • Matcha & Salty Plum

              $ 14.99
              A creamy green tea matcha ice cream with a swirl of Il Ming Hui, a dried salty plum known for its distinctive tangy and tart flavor.
            • Nutella Cranberry

              $ 14.99

              A burst of fruity sweetness in this hazelnut chocolate flavor.

            • Pumpkin 5 Spice

              $ 14.99

              All the joy of fall in Maine in one bite!

            • Speculoos and Pretzel

              $ 14.99

              Velvety Belgian cookie butter spread accentuated with bits of dark chocolate covered pretzels.

            • Spicy Rocky Road

              $ 14.99

              Marshmallow, almonds and a spicy cayenne and cinnamon punch in milk chocolate to give your tastebuds a little olé!

            • Tahini Dates & Walnuts

              $ 14.99
              Created in 2017 as part of our Employee Flavor Contest; we are thrilled to bring back this Middle Eastern inspired flavor.  A subtle tahini (sesame seed) ice cream with a swirl of our own honey, date, lemon and cardamom jam and crushed walnuts.



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