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  • Barrel-aged Bourbon Coffee Pow

    $ 14.99
    A special collaboration with our friends from Rwanda Bean Company. They age unroasted coffee beans in bourbon barrels from boutique Maine distiller, Stroudwater Distillery, for up to two months! Those unroasted beans soak up all the goodness of the bourbon flavor (and none of the alcohol), and are then roasted in small batches to a medium roast. We take these bourbon barrel-aged beans and steep them cold brew-style into our butterfat rich cream to capture all the coffee and bourbon flavors creating a luscious, decadent, and unforgettable limited edition ice cream flavor.
  • Bourbon Praline (Limited)

    $ 14.99
    A classic combination of creamy bourbon ice cream with sweet and salty praline coated pecans.
  • Chai Cardamon (SEASONAL)

    $ 14.99

    A fragrant mix of chai and cardamom blend into a spicy delight that will warm your soul.  

  • Chocolate Coconut Needham (2 LEFT)

    $ 14.99
    A classic Maine candy with chewy coconut flakes blended with potato (think mashed) and hand dipped in dark chocolate.   A Rococo favorite! * Contains nuts
  • Cinnamon Caramel (SEASONAL)

    $ 14.99

    A decadent caramel ice cream spiced with a pinch of cinnamon. A dreamy pair with our Dark Chocolate. 

  • Cuban Coffee

    $ 14.99
    A wonderful blend of caribbean style espresso and brown sugar. Gives a sweet molasses undertone to your favorite coffee ice cream.
  • Dark Chocolate

    $ 14.99

    The darkest chocolate ice cream from 100% Dutch Blend Cocoa.

  • Earl Grey, Sour Cherry Jam & Pistachio (LIMITED)

    $ 14.99

    A heavenly flavor,  sweet cream steeped with earl grey and bergamot.  Enhanced by the crunch of pistachios and a tart sour cherry jam swirled throughout.

  • Goat Cheese Blackberry Chambord

    $ 14.99

    The sweet infusion of the classic french liqueur swirled into the mellow tanginess of goat cheese.

  • Goat Cheese, Honey, Whiskey & Figs (SEASONAL)

    $ 14.99

    Tangy goat cheese adorned with a swirl of Black Mission Figs soaked in honey and whiskey. 

  • Honey Vanilla

    $ 14.99

    Floral notes of vanilla gracefully tinted with Maine wildflower honey.

  • Irish Whiskey Caramel

    $ 14.99
    A stunning caramel flavor featuring Fat Toad Farm small batch Cajeta infused with Irish Whiskey. 
  • Lime Mint Mojito (4 LEFT)

    $ 14.99

    Fresh Maine-grown apple mint, tart lime and refreshing rum. A boozy inspired sorbet. 

  • Maine Maple Walnut (SEASONAL)

    $ 14.99

    Maine Grade A Maple syrup and walnuts.  A classic New England ice cream.

  • Maine Whoopie Pie

    $ 14.99

    Dense chocolatey morsels of whoopie pie cake in a sweet vanilla base. A family favorite!

  • Mint Tea Sorbet

    $ 14.99
    A soothing blend of tea and mint- calming like a cup of Mint Tea but with the refreshing chill of a sorbet.
  • Olive Oil, Rosemary Caramel & Pepitas

    $ 14.99

    Unique, complex, and aromatic flavor with a savory taste in every spoonful.

  • Pumpkin 5 Spice (SEASONAL)

    $ 14.99

    All the joy of fall in Maine in one bite!

  • Raspberry Red Wine Sorbet (LIMITED)

    $ 14.99

    Robust, tart and refreshing sorbet made with Merlot and fresh raspberries.

  • Salty Sweet Cream

    $ 14.99

    Our signature sweet cream creation with a touch of Mediterranean sea salt.

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