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  • Bourbon Praline (3 LEFT)

    $ 14.99
    A classic combination of creamy bourbon ice cream with sweet and salty praline coated pecans.
  • Chai Cardamon

    $ 14.99

    A fragrant mix of chai and cardamom blend into a spicy delight that will warm your soul.  

  • Chocolate Coconut Needham

    $ 14.99
    A classic Maine candy with chewy coconut flakes blended with potato (think mashed) and hand dipped in dark chocolate.   A Rococo favorite! * Contains nuts
  • Creamy Coconut, Apricot Jam + Chocolate Chips (Vegan)

    $ 14.99
    A delightfully creamy coconut dairy free ice cream swirled with lush Apricot jam.  Chocolate chips give this flavor a subtle crunch.  (Vegan)
  • Cuban Coffee

    $ 14.99
    A wonderful blend of caribbean style espresso and brown sugar. Gives a sweet molasses undertone to your favorite coffee ice cream.
  • Dark Chocolate (BEST SELLER)

    $ 14.99

    The darkest chocolate ice cream from 100% Dutch Blend Cocoa.

  • Goat Cheese Blackberry Chambord (BEST SELLER)

    $ 14.99

    The sweet infusion of the classic french liqueur swirled into the mellow tanginess of goat cheese.

  • Goat Cheese, Honey, Whiskey & Figs

    $ 14.99

    Tangy goat cheese adorned with a swirl of Black Mission Figs soaked in honey and whiskey. 

  • Honey Vanilla

    $ 14.99

    Floral notes of vanilla gracefully tinted with Maine wildflower honey.

  • Maine Whoopie Pie (BEST SELLER)

    $ 14.99

    Dense chocolatey morsels of whoopie pie cake in a sweet vanilla base. A family favorite!

  • Moroccan Mint Tea

    $ 14.99

    A gently steeped full bodied mint tea sorbet with a flirtatious sweet edge. 

  • Raspberry Red Wine Sorbet

    $ 14.99

    Robust, tart and refreshing sorbet made with Merlot and fresh raspberries.

  • Roasted Pear and Candied Ginger (Limited Edition)

    $ 14.99
    Brown sugar roasted pears pureed into a sweet cream ice cream with candied ginger pieces.
  • Rocky Road

    $ 14.99

    Marshmallow, almonds in milk chocolate -- a traditional ice cream shop favorite. 

  • Salty Black Licorice

    $ 14.99
    An elegant balance of sweet ice cream and fine licorice imported from Germany. A true delicacy, this organic licorice crafted by Johan Bulow uses the natural sweetness of licorice root to add sophisticated depth to our ice cream.
  • Vanilla Bean Crème Brulee, Brown Bread and Candied Plums (7 LEFT)

    $ 14.99
    An exquisite ice cream that is rich in taste, this flavor is one that makes me recall the line from ‘Twas The Night Before Christmas, you know, the one that goes- “ visions of sugar plums danced in their heads.” Well, this flavor definitely dances! Made with real Madagascar vanilla and the classic Maine pantry staple: brown bread. Added candied plums lend a hint of sweetness to this delicately delightful flavor.
  • Vegan Blood Orange Raspberry & Candied Citron

    $ 14.99
    A tart and tangy blood orange dairy free ice cream swirled with sweet wild raspberry jam.  Bursting with bright candied citron pieces.  (Vegan)
  • Vegan Hibiscus, Candied Ginger, and Cocoa Nibs

    $ 14.99
    A vibrant hibiscus and coconut ice cream with the subtle spice of candied ginger and a pop of cocoa nibs.

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